With all his prayers said and done he flicks a switch.   

Mixed media and acrylic on board. 2008 Box framed 350mm x 350mm 

As a working artist I understand the process and problems of creating a visual structure in whatever form that might be. My method of operating has always been that of 'making is thinking' which recognizes the experiential creative process over one that is purely mechanical or coldly conceptual, and where materials and processes mediate between thoughts and ideas.

The work is about play in every sense of the word, mind games to tease the eye and engage the senses. Fed by an obsessive desire for the childish and childlike naive innocence as viewed through the eyes of an adults knowledge and experience, the work is far from puerile and often leads to challenging and thought-provoking images and sculptures.



2007 Ammunition show, Norwich, Norfolk.

2007 Winner of the Al-turner-tive Turner Art Prize, Liverpool, Merseyside.

2007 View Two Gallery, Liverpool, Merseyside.

2008 The Peoples Place, Liverpool, Merseyside.

2008 The Cut Art Centre, Halesworth, Suffolk.

2008 Ethna Dillon, Norwich, Norfolk.

2008 Baskerville House, Birmingham, West Midlands.

2008 Norwich Castle Open, Norwich, Norfolk.

2008 National Painting Prize, Chichester, West Sussex.

2008 Ammunition Reloaded, Norwich, Norfolk.

2009 Ethna Dillon, Norwich, Norfolk.

2009 Rude Boys, Norwich, Norfolk.

2009 Stew Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk.

2009 National Painting Prize, Chichester, West Sussex.

2009 Digby Gallery, Colchester, Essex.

2010 Elements, Winner of the Bayer Prize.The Forum Norwich, Norfolk.

2010 Eastern Open, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

2010 Seachange Arts, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

2010 Halesworth Gallery, Halesworth, Suffolk.  

2010 Theatre Royal, Norwich, Norfolk.  

2011 Eastern Open, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.   

2011 La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, London. 

2011 Flying Colours, Assembly House, Norwich, Norfolk.  

2011 Silo Arts, Lowestoft, Suffolk.

2011 Urban Curations Group show, Hackney, London.

2013 Apex, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

2013 Steeple End Gallery, Halesworth Suffolk.

2014 Walton and Bovill Fine Art, Long Melford, Suffolk.

2015 Cambridge Art Fair, Cambridge.

2015 Moosey Art, Norwich, Norfolk.

2015 Breaking the Mould, Norwich, Norfolk.

2015 Merchant House Gallery, Suffolk.

2016 Moosey Art, Ha Ha Ha Norwich, Norfolk.

2016 Merchant House Gallery, Suffolk.

2016 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, London.

2017 Merchant House Gallery, Suffolk.

2017 Nicholas Bowlby Gallery, Uckfield, Sussex. 

2017 Affordable Art Fair Hampstead London.

2018 35 North Contemporary, Brighton.

2018 Inheritance, Norwich Museum Gallery, Norfolk. 

2018 Cut Open, Halesworth, Suffolk.